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St James Church - Shilbottle

Who’s Who

  •  Helen O'Sullivan

    Helen O'Sullivan - Vicar

  •  Cynthia Bishop

    Cynthia Bishop - Reader and Churchwarden

    Cynthia has been a reader at St. James' for a number of years and is the main contact for the Church

    Tel : 01665 575705

  •  Irene Marshall

    Irene Marshall - Churchwarden

    Irene has responsibility for the parish's social calendar and is very good at organising everyone, as well as looking after us.
    Irene can be contacted on
    01665 575606

  •  Christopher Lendrum

    Christopher Lendrum - Church Warden and Open Church Project Co-Ordinator

    Chris is a longstanding member of St. James. His contact number is
    01665 575846

  •  Philip Angier

    Philip Angier - Churchwarden & Treasurer

    In addition to being a churchwarden and treasurer for the Parish, Philip is also a worship leader.
    His contact number is: 01665 605348

  •  Margaret Weaver

    Margaret Weaver - Reader

    Margaret assists with leading worship and leads our monthly Afternoon Church. She can be contacted on Tel : 01670 760163

  •  Pat Rennison

    Pat Rennison - Retired Priest

    Pat is from the locality and was a reader in the parish prior to ordination. She served her curacy in Shilbottle and was an assistant priest in the parish prior to retirement.

  •  David Cant

    David Cant - Retired Priest

    David is a retired Priest, living in Shilbottle. David officiates at Services and he is the contact to arrange a wedding service at St. James.
    Tel : 01665 575349

  •  Colin Gough

    Colin Gough - Retired Priest

    Colin is a retired priest, living in Shilbottle. He officiates at services and shares responsibility for ongoing pastoral work in the parish. He is the main contact for offers of "Time and Gifts".
    Tel: 01665 581100

  •  John Holland

    John Holland - Retired Priest

    John is a retired Priest, living in Shilbottle. John officiates at services and he is the contact to arrange a christening
    at St. James.
    Tel: 01665 575497