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St James Church - Shilbottle


Being Christened

What is it all about?

Asking to have a child christened of baptised (another name for the same occasion) demonstrates that you want God to have a real influence in the child’s life – not just on Christening Day, but for ever.   At Baptism, God pours his Spirit into us (demonstrated by the ‘washing’ with water)and we become truly his (symbolised by being ‘signed’ with a cross).

So the person being christened becomes Christ’s and a member of Christ’s family, the Church.  Being part of the church  and sharing in its worship, learning and service over many years means that we grow in understanding about what it means to be a Christian and are strengthened in our witness and service.  What we hope for is to be close to God – now and in Heaven, once this earthly life is over.

How can I arrange this?

Contact the Vicar, The Reverend Helen O’Sullivan (01665 712002)  to talk things through in plenty of time in advance.  Normally you must live within the parish of Shilbottle, or attend worship here regularly or have had some contact with the church in the past.  We will invite you to come and worship with us, invite you and the godparents to a preparation session and have given you options of when the service can take place.

A child being christened, usually has godparents – perhaps up to three, but at least one.  Godparents have themselves to have been baptised.

What happens after the service?

We hope that you will continue to bring your children to worship with us and play a full part as members of the Church family.

We can baptise people of any age, though by the age of 12 onwards, we’d expect this to be followed by Confirmation, usually at the same ceremony.


For further information about Baptism, see the Church of England’s website – www.churchofengland.christenings.org                                   


We will do our best to make this a joyful and memorable day for you and your family and friends!