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What Christianity is about



Christians believe that we only know about God – OUR FATHER – because he has chosen to show himself to us.  He has done this most clearly in Jesus – his SON – and he is prepared to give each one of us, something of himself – his SPIRIT.  There is only one God, but it is possible to experience three ‘distinct aspects’ of him, and more importantly to feel his love for us and return it!  Through the example and teaching of Jesus (recorded for us in the New Testament Gospels), we have come to know a God who cares for each of us children individually, who wants us to live life fully and will forgive and strengthen us when we fail.



We are God’s children, created ‘after his image and in his likeness’.  He loves each one of us – enough to go to the lengths of allowing Jesus to undergo crucifixion so that there should be no further barrier between him and us.  He wants us to live fulfilled lives and to return his love.  He has a purpose for us in both this world and the next.  But he doesn’t force us – we are given free choice.  If we choose him, his grace or Spirit will carry us through to share in resurrection life.  Part of this ‘choosing’ will include a commitment to care for and share our good news with others, so that they can flourish by knowing God’s love too.



In Jesus God shows us the priorities for human living.

“Love God with heart, mind, soul and strength,

and love other people as yourself!”

Living like this will involve us in a lifetime’s struggle against selfishness and other evil forces.  Only by trusting God and looking for his help can obstacles be overcome.  All of God’s help is most readily available through belonging to his CHURCH – his family of believers.  Here worship and prayer is taught and practised.  The GOSPEL – Good News about Jesus – is celebrated and shared.  Through our reading and studying the BIBLE, his will for us now is made plain.  And we are nourished and strengthened for daily Christian living by the GIFTS OF HIS SPIRIT and SACRAMENTS of Baptism, Absolution and Communion.


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