Creationtide 2020 – Jubilee for the Earth

Creationtide 2020

Each year the Church sets aside the period between 1 September and 4 October as a season of Creationtide, with an opportunity to focus on our Christian calling to ‘strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth’ (5th Mark of Mission of the Anglican Communion).  This is a time to spend time in prayer and studying the scriptures, considering ways to inhabit our common home sustainably and appropriate action to do so.


This year the theme is Jubilee for the Earth, and as we adjust to the implications of COVID-19 and a greater awareness of the Climate Emergency, we have renewed urgency to attend to our relationship with the whole of God’s creation.


As Christians, we are a people of hope, and God has promised renewal of this earth.  Jubilee relates to the interlocking themes of greed, inequality and destruction of God’s earth, all of which have contributed to climate change.  This five-session discussion group  offers an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Jubilee in these challenging times.


The material is taken from the Church of England’s resources for this season, and each session will include brief prayer to open and close,  reading and reflection on scripture and questions for discussion.  Participants will be sent the readings in advance


Week 1:   The Goodness of Creation 

Week 2:   The Worship of all Creation

                            (Relationship between created and maker)

Week 3:   The Environmental Challenge  

                           (Christianity’s role in the ecological crisis)

Week 4:    Nature and Humanity     

                            (How people and nature rely on one another)

Week 5:    Renewal of Creation  

                           (Christian hope in the future of our world)


Due to uncertainties at the time of planning, the sessions will initially be run on Zoom, but a physical venue may be introduced later.  


We hope that these discussions will lead to some follow-up action within PCC’s and congregations as we all seek to tread more lightly on this earth.


Please contact the Revd Gillian Maude by email  – revgilly.pilgrim@gmail.com if you are interested in participating, in order to receive joining instructions.   This is open to anyone interested within the Alnwick Deanery.